Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept.


Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(B.Eng.Electrical and Electronics Engineering)


The undergraduate programme is designed to produce graduates that can be readily absorbed into several areas of the rapidly developing fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.students are exposed to intense programme of basic and applied courses,experimentation,projects and industrial training.These are designed to enable them satify the manpower needs in the public and industrial sectors of the economy.

The programme involves research and training in the following areas:computer,control and instrumentation Engineering;communication and Electonics;and Electric power systems and Electric machines.The thrust is to emphasize aspects of study that are relevant to articulated national development objectives and those that enhance the relevance of institution to the society.At the end of the programme,the products will be suitable for employment in all relevant public and private enterprises.


The objectives of the programme are to:

(a)give students basic knowledge in Electrical and Electonics Engineering;

(b)provide sufficient depth of knowledge to enable promising graduates of the Department pursue postgraduate programmes in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering or related disciplines;and

(c)prepare graduates for employment in the industry(public and private)in the areas of electric power,electronics,communications,and computer engineering.